C100 Vitamin C Crystals

Why Vitamin C?
  • Stimulates Collagen and Restores Elasticity
  • Neutralizes Free Radical Damage
  • Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Fades Discolorations and Evens Out Skin Tones
  • Reduces Inflammation and Restores Balance to Skin
  • Enhances the SPF Value to Skin
Why a Powder?
Only a Topical Vitamin C that is stable, active and absorbable is beneficial for the skin. Viamin C oxidizes and becomes unstable quickly once opened. This creates harmful effects in the skin. When keeping Vitamin C in a solid form, it is not activated until mixed with another product. The results are a powerful ingredient that only delivers positive benefits. So get rid of those old oxidized Viamin C serums and lotions and start using the smart form of Vitamin C to maintain the health and youthfulness of your skin!
KSS Professional C100 Vitamin C Crystals
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