Correct Preventative Vitamin A

One of the most powerful, non-inflammatory rejuvenation serums available. Pharmaceutical-grade liposomes deliver proprietary nutrients beyond the surface to feed and remodel the skin. Real changes result from 9 collagen stimulators and 7 antioxidants that also offer UVB protection and barrier repair. A smooth, rejuvenated and luminous finish results from this concentrate of scientifically validated actives.

SKIN TYPES Aging, Pigmented, Dry.

BENEFITS Feeds collagen and elastin production Promotes youthful, radiant skin 7 antioxidants to support barrier function

HOW TO USE Dispense one 1/2 to one full pump Spritz Infuse Activating Mist 5-7x directly into product on fingertips Combine both products together, then disperse, spread and massage evenly over skin

Can be used 2x/day over face and neck

Results are amplified when used as part of the complete "Core 4" system


Use this non-toxic formula on the lips and eyes to reduce fine lines and enhance the lipid barrier.

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Correct Preventative Vitamin A

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