Cosmedix Opti Crystal - Chirally Correct Eye Serum


With liquid crystals to replenish damaged, thinning skin around the eyes and growth factors and alpha lipoic acid to dramatically diminish the appearance of eye lines and wrinkles, Opti Crystal is the ultimate tool in anti-aging eye care. A chirally correct blend of protective, corrective and cell-stimulating ingredients, this powerful eye serum actively revitalizes delicate skin for a radiant, younger-looking finish. Net Wt. 7g


Gently pat a very small amount around the eye and lip areas (do not massage in). May be used day and night.


Q:Can I use Opti Crystal on my mature skin?

A:Yes.  Opti Crystal's unique liquid crystal formula makes it ideal for mature and post-menopausal skin.

Q:Can I use Opti Crystal to minimize my lip lines?

A:Yes.  You can use Opti Crystal to minimize the look of damage to again, thinning lips.

Age-defying liquid crystal eye serum
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