Cosmedix Reflect - SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen


The first titanium, non-chemical, spray-on sunscreen on the market, Reflect offers broad spectrum SPF 30 protection in a non-irritating, oil-free formula. Combining micronized titanium dioxide—nature’s own sunscreen—with two skin-specific antioxidants, CosMedix brings spray-on convenience to broad UV protection. Net Wt. 120ml


Pat onto clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Use after peels or other resurfacing treatments and before outdoor activities. Reapply as needed.


Q. Can I use Reflect on my oily skin?

A: Yes. Reflect uses a natural, oil-free formula that won’t clog pores or contribute to breakouts.

Q. Can I apply Reflect by hand?

A: Yes, you may apply Reflect either directly to the skin or by hand.

Q. Does Reflect contain oxybenzone?

A: No. CosMedix does not use oxybenzone or any chemical sunscreen due to their inadequate UVA protection and ability to irritate the skin. Instead, we use natural titanium dioxide and zinc oxide—nonirritating, broad band physical sunscreens enjoyed by all skin types.

The first titanium, non-chemical, spray-on sunscreen on the market.
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