About Us

The Company and Products

One of the benefits of being a small, local company is that we have the ability to customize and offer a strong support system to the other skin care and beauty professionals who will want to retail our KSS brand in their spas, salons or boutiques. If a client wants a more matte look or needs a slight color adjustment from our signature line we are happy to step in and create the perfect foundation for the client. In this highly competitive world of skincare and makeup, it is refreshing for retail stores to be able to cater to their clients in such a personal way. They will also know they are providing the best of the best in mineral foundations. Most local beauty professionals will also feel good about working with a local company and building a network and support system through the Kansas City area.

Adhering to our Philosophy, KSS products will never contain talc, bismuth oxychloride, carmines, dyes, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, or nanoparticles. The ingredients we use are of the highest grade and primarily consist of titanium, iron and zinc oxides. The sun protection value is very high due to the level of titanium dioxide and ranges from spf 30-50 depending on the shade. Our star product is the KSS 30 gram loose mineral foundation in a range of 9 shades suitable for all skin tones. KSS also has a high quality application brush that has been created specifically for a perfect application of dense micro-formulated minerals. We also support eco-friendly vendors and do not use raw materials that are not animal friendly or cruelty-free.

KSS founder, Kenlee Livingston, will only offer loose mineral foundations and setting powders because she does not believe in the unhealthy binding of skin cells that occurs when using liquid or cream foundations. Many women find loose minerals to not wear well on the skin and Kenlee's response to this would be to fix the skin first so that it provides the beautiful canvas needed for the foundation. Kenlee brings her clients skin to a place where they do not need to wear makeup but they can if they choose to do so. Makeup should not be used to hide the skin but rather to enhance your natural beauty.